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Home News New Asphalt Shoe - Launched at Bauma 2016

New Asphalt Shoe - Launched at Bauma 2016

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  • Posted: Fri, 22nd Apr  2016
New Asphalt Shoe - Launched at Bauma 2016

We were delighted to launch the latest innovation, the Asphalt shoe, to our range of products at Bauma last week.

We've taken the classic "Kick On/Kick Off" overshoe and this time added a removable felt pad to the bottom of the shoe for the asphalt laying industry.  The felt protects from the intense heat of the tar and has the added bonus of being able to be soaked with oil to prevent sticking to the asphalt as it is laid, making movement easier.

The pads are attached via Velcro to the base of the shoe and can be replaced once they are no longer effective.

The response to the prototype demonstrated at the show was overwhelming with on the spot orders for the first consignment arriving in Europe early next month.


Bauma is BIG

We knew that Bauma was the world's largest trade show for the construction and mining industries but nothing prepares you for the sheer size of the event.  14 halls crammed with everything from hand tools (and feet tools like clever overshoes) to dumper trucks and digger buckets large enough to stand the six- man SIP team in.  And that's only half the show as the rest of the cranes, diggers, drilling rigs take up the same amount of space outside.

Official figures indicate that there were over half a million visitors from more than 200 countries, visiting nearly 3,500 stands.

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to stop at the SIP stand, try on the shoes and see just how effective the finger lock system is.

We would also like to thank the  Construction Equipment Association for organising the UK PavilionCEA: Construction Equipment Association, especially Gill Stirk for all her hard work.